The Custom Logo Design Process

Hand Drawn Sketch

After the consultation, all logos start with a conceptualization and sketching process. Every logo is hand drawn to be completely custom and unique to you and your brand.

The sketching process has unlimited revisions to ensure your satisfaction.

Vector and Color

Once you have approved the sketch, the vector and color process will begin. Vectors are the preferred format for logos, because it will allow the logo to be strecthed to different sizes without losing its quality or becoming pixelated.

The vector process has two revisions.

Custom Wordmark

The final step in the logo design process is the creation of the wordmark. Your name tells the world who you are, and great care should be taken in how that name is represented as part of your visual brand.

Logo Commission Terms

  • Personal Logos START at $200 USD. Pricing is determined by complexity and whether or not a Commercial License is required.
  • Personal Logos are available forĀ use as profile pictures or for personal use only.
  • Personal Logos are Not permitted for commercial/merchandise use unless a commercial licence is purchased for an additional $50 fee.
  • Business Logos START at $500 and include a Commercial License and an identity standard for use with print and web design. You will also receive all Illustrator (.AI) files or Photoshop (.PSD) files for your design.
  • Business logo commissions include a commercial license and an identity standard for use in print and web design.
  • Logos will be delivered as a high res .PNG file, with and without the background, and as a “Shareable Social Media” image that can be shared wherever you’d like.
  • The artist reserves the right to display any artwork in their personal portfolio, unless otherwise specified.
  • All payments to be made upfront via Paypal. Paypal Invoices will be sent via email following consultation and confirmation of commission. Payment for large value commissions ($200+) can be split upon request into 50% upfront and 50% on approval of sketches.
  • Orders are queued in order of payment, and any timescales provided are estimates and subject to change.
  • If you would like your order completed as a priority ahead of my standard queue, this can be purchased for an additional 50% charge – please choose this option in the estimator, to have it reflect in the final cost estimate.
  • Order cancellations and refunds: In the event of an order cancellation before any work has been completed, 50% of the order price will be refunded. Cancellations after work has started will be subject to further reductions based on the amount of work completed. Refunds are not granted for completed work. 
  • Pricing is subject to change at my discretion.