The Custom Twitch Emote Process

Hand Drawn Sketch

All emotes begin with a concept, that is then loosely sketched. During this process, you will have the chance to make unlimited revisions during this process.

Finalized Linework

Once you approve the sketch, linework will be added to outline all of the features of the emote. This is the last chance to make any changes to the design.

Color and Shading

The final step is laying color and shading. This brings the emotes to life, gives them detail, and adds depth.

You are only allowed TWO revisions at this point.

Twitch Emote Commission Terms

  • Custom Emotes are $30 per emote, and 3 emotes for $80. Orders of more than 6 Emotes will recieve a discounded price of $20 per emote.
  • Each emote is delivered as .PNG files in the following resolutions: 28×28, 56×56, 112×112. All emotes will be delivered with transparent backgrounds unless otherwise specified 
  • For use on Twitch/Discord ONLY 
  • Not permitted for commercial/merchandise use – a commercial licence must be purchased for this (additional $50 per artwork)